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Brian Sandberg Net Worth

Brian Sandberg Net Worth

Brian Sandberg Jensen (born 22 May 1966 in Slagelse) (also known by the nicknames “The Jetset Rocker” and “The Gucci Rocker”), is a former prominent member of the rock group Hells Angels, but in August 2012, he was thrown out of the group in the so-called left, which means that the rock club has nothing outstanding with him. Sandberg became nationally known in December 2008 when the IT Factory scandal became the subject of great media interest – here he had acted as Stein Bagger’s personal security guard. On December 4, 2012, he announced on his Facebook profile that he had been admitted as a member of the rival rock band Bandidos. On 31 March 2015, it was announced by the European President of the Bandidos that Sandberg had been thrown out of the group in a bad standing.

On May 4, 2010, he was arrested in a major police operation against a total of 16 rockers and sympathizers from the Hells Angels. He was remanded in custody and charged with two counts of attempted murder.  On 29 September 2011, he was sentenced by the Court in Glostrup to 11 years and 10 months in prison for ordering an attempted murder at an internet café on Rantzausgade in Nørrebro on 29 October 2009. However, he was released on 12 November 2012 after Østre The High Court had heard the appeal and acquitted him of this matter – but he was found guilty of ordering a club assault in 2009.

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