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Cristiana Stancu Net Worth

Cristiana Stancu Net Worth $1.4 Million

Cristiana “Mongol” Stancu, born July 19, 1991, is a Romanian mixed martial artist, karateka, boxer and kickboxer.

Cristiana was raised in Bucharest, Romania, born from a professional bowling player (mother) and a jujitsu martial artist (father). She had an early start in both martial arts and painting, her second profession when her parents observed her talents since she was only three years old. She began her career in combat sports at age 9 while painting in the same complex in the capital, the father of one of her colleagues painting being a martial arts coach. She retired from her Kyokushin karate career after 9 glamorous years, to begin developing in the art of Kempo, and then start her Kickboxing and MMA career, being the first woman in Romania to ever enter a cage and win and international World Title under Igor Vovchanchyn. Later, Cristiana would also pursue her boxing career.

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