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Danita Paner Net Worth

Danita Paner Net Worth $2 Million

Danita Paner, born 2 April 1989, is a Filipino pop-rock singer and actress. Rafaelita Danita Paner is the daughter of former basketball player Manny Paner and actress Daisy Romualdez, and sister of Kristina Paner. She has an album produced by VIVA Records named Promotor containing 10 tracks which includes the songs “Lunod” “Kung Wala Na Nga” a cover of Prettier Than Pink’s song “Cool Ka Lang” and Rivermaya’s song “Himala”. Paner made her debut teleserye via TV5’s My Driver Sweet Lover opposite JC de Vera. As of 2015 she is currently seen on ABS-CBN.

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