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David Zimbeck Net Worth

David Zimbeck Net Worth $15 Million

Reading the career of Bitbay founder David Zimbeck, you are in for a long series of surprises. His CV shows diverse achievements and experience like being Ohio’s student chess master, working as a real estate agent, film producer and actor. Without a doubt, Zimbeck’s biggest breakthrough (apart from playing an extras role in Pirates of the Caribbean) came with the founding of BitBay.

In 2014 he taught himself the programming language Python and cryptography. Since then, he has been considered a smart contract pioneer and founder of other blockchain companies such as BitHalo and BlackHalo.

Today, BitBay is the third largest crypto exchange in Europe and also has a Fiat currency exchange and the BitBay Pay payment service. Like Binance and OkEX, BitBay announced in the first half of 2018 that it would move its headquarters (in BitBay’s case from Poland) to Malta as a result of problems obtaining the necessary support from Polish banks. Malta was chosen following the announcement by the Maltese government to adopt the world’s first clear legal framework for DLT technology and crypto companies.

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