Home Celebrities Edgar Dumali (CHoOx TV) Net Worth

Edgar Dumali (CHoOx TV) Net Worth

Edgar Dumali (CHoOx TV) Net Worth

Edgar Dumali (CHoOx TV) Net Worth ₱12.25 Million

Remember last year when everybody seemed to be playing Mobile Legends (ML)? Edgar Dumali, a gamer from Koronadal, South Cotabato made a career out of it.

A shy guy in real life, he initially used a voice-changer to give him the confidence to stream his ML games. But when his channel became popular and eventually reached one million subscribers, he finally revealed his real voice to express his thanks to his subscribers. Edgar’s videos typically show him playing Mobile Legends on his phone with Choox’s high-pitched voice. According to him, his personality is vastly different from the mischievous and brash Choox persona that audiences see in his videos.

Edgar disclosed that he came from a broken family and had previously taken odd jobs in a public market to get by. Now, he’s estimated to be making millions of pesos every year, with YouTube money serving as his family’s primary source of income.

Edgar’s YouTube gaming channel is estimated to net P765,000 to P12.25 Million revenue per month, making Choox the No. 2 highest paid YouTuber in the Philippines.


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