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Erik Prince Net Worth

Erik Prince net worth

Erik Prince net worth: $2 billion

Erik Prince Net Worth: Erik Prince is an American businessman and former US Navy SEAL who has a net worth of $2 billion dollars. Prince was the founder and owner of the military company, XE, also known as Blackwater Worldwide, which carried out highly secretive government operations. It came under scrutiny in 2007, and Erik stepped down as its head in 2009. Much of Prince’s fortune comes from an automotive accessory empire started by his father.

Founded in 1997, Blackwater is the largest private military company in the world today. Not only it was awarded with more than $1.6 billion worth of federal contracts, but the company has also reportedly received $600 million worth of classified contracts from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) since 2001. After Erik left the company, Blackwater was sold to a group of investors in 2010 and renamed Academi the following year. In 2013, Prince published the book “Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror.”

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