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Imee Marcos Net Worth

Imee Marcos Net Worth

Imee Marcos Net Worth ₱34 Million

Maria Imelda Josefa “Imee” Romualdez Marcos (born November 12, 1955) is a Filipino politician serving as a Senator since 2019. She previously served as governor of Ilocos Norte from 2010 to 2019 and as representative of Ilocos Norte’s 2nd district from 1998 to 2007. She is the daughter of former president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos and former first lady Imelda Marcos.

During her father’s martial law regime, she played various political roles including assemblyman to the Batasang Pambansa and chairperson of the Kabataang Barangay, during which activist Archimedes Trajano was murdered after he questioned her appointment to the office. She turned 18—the age of majority in the Philippines—just fourteen months after her father’s declaration of Martial Law, and was already 30 years old by the time her family was ousted from power in the 1986 People Power revolution, after which they escaped to Honolulu.

After her family was allowed to return in the 1990s, she served three terms in the House of Representatives and three terms as governor of Ilocos Norte. She was elected to the Senate in the 2019 elections.

Her conviction in the 1993 Trajano v. Marcos case (978 F 2d 493) before the U.S. district court in Honolulu is noted in U.S. legal circles for exposing the weaknesses of the act of state doctrine, allowing for similar suits to be filed.

She has been linked to the unexplained wealth of her family, identified as a beneficiary of various Marcos offshore holdings as revealed in the Panama Papers and the findings in the court convictions of her mother Imelda Marcos. These holdings were defined as “ill-gotten wealth” by the Supreme Court of the Philippines, and are the subject of repatriation efforts by the Presidential Commission on Good Government.

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