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Jesu Brødre Net Worth

Jesu Brødre Net Worth $75 Thousand

Jesu Brødre is a Danish rapper / producer duo consisting of Georg Svendsen (Geo) and William Kruse (Wilf). The duo have been making music since 2016, and first went viral with the hit “KranAlarm”, which, however, also attracted some criticism for its sexual content.

The Brethren of Jesus describe their own music as “garbage,” and they themselves do not think they have any competencies when it comes to making music. Despite that, in the fall of 2016, they signed a record deal with Universal at their subsidiary Hurricane Records. The contract expired in 2019, and the duo are now making music independently, at the same time as they have started their own YouTube channel.

In 2019, they appeared on the song “Waffles” with Albert Dyrlund and Sidney Lee, while in 2020 they made the song “New Year Again”, which was sponsored by the Danish Safety Technology Authority, together with Niels Olsen, Lina Rafn, Shambs, and Klam Vandmand.

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