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Kesi Net Worth

kesi net worth

Kesi net worth $650 thousand

Oliver Kesi Chambuso (born September 7, 1992), better known as Kesi, is a Danish-Tanzanian rap artist. Kesi was born and raised in Nørrebro in Denmark. His mother is Danish and his father is from Tanzania.

At the start of Kesis’ career, he promoted himself via YouTube in the genre of grime outside the established record companies. He makes his music together with his collaborators from B.O.C (Bars Of Crack, BombsOver Copenhagen or Bomber Over Centrum), which is a group of rap artists from primarily Nørrebro. Success on the Internet with i.a. the debut song “Byen Sover” led to a number of concerts and interest from established record companies, and in July 2011 Kesi signed as an 18-year contract with the record company Universal, which in August 2011 released Kesis’ first official single “Slem dreng”. The same month, TV 2 brought a feature about Kesi, who with the record contract and the rapid popularity was exposed in the Danish media.

Kesi performed in 2011 at a number of concerts, including on the Skater stage at Roskilde Festival 2011, the Distortion festival and the Sounds 2011 festival.

Kesi later released the single “Born Today” in 2011, which was produced by Benny Jamz from B.O.C, who also appears on the single. On February 27, 2012, his debut album “Bomber Over Centrum” was released, featuring guest verses from both established rappers, such as Ataf and Orgi-E, but also from rappers from his crew B.O.C.

In August-September 2012, Kesi and B.O.C started their own record company UROPA (Young, Rich and Piss Arrogant).

In 2014, Kesi released the single “Søvnløs”, which achieved a first place on the Danish hit list.

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