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Magnus Millang Net Worth

Magnus Millang Net Worth

Magnus Millang Net Worth $1.1 Million

Magnus Millang (born July 20, 1981 in Copenhagen) is a Danish screenwriter, actor, comedian and director. Among other things, he has starred in Druk, Brian Mørk Show, Mørk og Jul, Silat Ninjaen, den2.side and Zulu Gumball. In the series Dark & ​​Christmas, Millang became best known for his activist character, Basher Henrik. A character who in 2008 got a big life on youtube.

Millang is one part of the comedy duo Danish Dynamite. Here he is best known in the role of the smug real estate agent, Jeppe Kaufmann (“Jeppe K”).

In 2014, Millang got his first major feature film role in Thomas Vinterberg’s film, Kollektivet.

Millang first worked with his little brother, Emil Millang, in 2016 where they made a short comedy web series, WTF we do with the climate. With humor, the brothers focused on the climate crisis.

Millang debuted as a film director with the comedy Self-Picker. He wrote the film with his little brother Emil Millang and is inspired by the brothers’ own upbringing. They even play the brothers in the film, where they go to Spain to pick up their father, who has died after a hard life with alcohol. Actually, they were supposed to be responsible for a classic home transport, but due to financial problems, they end up transporting the father home themselves. A journey that does not go exactly as planned.

On social media, Millang has had success with the concept, “FREITAG”, where he celebrates the day of the week with bicycle sunglasses and techno music.

In 2020, Millang has a major role in Thomas Vinterberg’s film, Druk/Another Round.

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