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Martin Braithwaite Net Worth

Martin Braithwaite Net Worth

Martin Braithwaite Net Worth $75 Million

Martin Christensen Braithwaite (/ˈbræθweɪt/; born 5 June 1991) is a Danish professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Barcelona and the Denmark national team. Mainly a forward, he can also play as a winger.

Braithwaite has a Guyanese father and his younger sister Mathilde (born 2002) plays football for KoldingQ and for Denmark’s U-16 national women’s football team. His father’s birth surname was Brathwaite, the more common spelling in the Caribbean, but it was changed by US authorities to Braithwaite when arriving in the country.

When Braithwaite was 5 years old he was diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.

Braithwaite is the nephew and business partner of the Danish-born, American-based, real estate developer Philip Michael.[38][39] They co-own real estate in the New York Market and are building a high-rise in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Braithwaite is married to French entrepreneur, journalist and television personality Anne-Laure Louis Braithwaite. They have two sons together. He is also the stepfather of his wife’s two children from a previous relationship.

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