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Mona Tumba Net Worth

Mona Tumba Net Worth

Mona Tumba net worth $2.5 million

Mona Tumba, unmarried Nessim, born October 4, 1941 in Stockholm, is a Swedish entrepreneur in the health industry.

Mona Tumba grew up in Saltsjöbaden as the daughter of the director Nils Nessim and Märta, unmarried Wirde, and cousin of Jacques Werup. The father’s half-sister is the artist Suzanne Nessim. In her youth, she studied languages in Switzerland for a couple of years. She later worked with her own health company Mona Tumba’s Slim Club for eight years and published publications such as Slim Club (1980) and Kökskalender (1982). She has also worked as a seller of jewelry and health chocolate. Together with her husband, she has also served food at the golf course in Hjorthagen in Stockholm. In Florida, she was involved in starting the organization SWEA for Swedish-speaking women.

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