Niels Peter Louis-Hansen net worth $10.7 billion

Niels Peter Louis-Hansen (born 25 October 1947) is a Danish billionaire businessman, deputy chairman and owner of one-fifth of the medical device company Coloplast.

Niels Peter Louis-Hansen was born in Denmark, the son of Aage Louis-Hansen and Johanne Louis-Hansen. Coloplast was founded by his father in 1957. Louis-Hansen has a bachelor’s degree.

Louis-Hansen became a board member of Coloplast when his father died in 1966, and the company was continued by his mother. His mother was active in the company until the early 1970s.

Louis-Hansen owns 20.7% of Coloplast directly and a 15.6% of Ambu, and via the investment company N.P. Louis-Hansen ApS, is a major shareholder in the unlisted biotech company Virogates.

Bloomberg News estimated his net worth at US$7 billion in 2018.