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Rune Rask Net Worth

Rune Rask Net Worth

Rune Rask net worth $1,5 million

Rune Rask (born 12 August 1977) is a Danish music producer.

As a 10-year-old, Rune began researching what a tape recorder could actually be used for. Together with his childhood friend Andreas ‘Bai-D’ Bai Duelund, he recorded demo tapes with a record player, 2 cassette recorders, a microphone, scissors, and a roll of tape. This was done by recording the beginning of a beat from a vinyl several times down on tape, cutting it together so that it looped, then it could then be recorded down the left side of cassette tape recorder No. 2, while the vocals were recorded down the right side . Then you could set your amplifier from the 70s to mono, which meant that with the right – left control you could control the level between beat and vocals.

Only later does the father acquire a computer for the family, where Rune at the age of 16 immediately buys a sound card, the economically manageable digital audio era has just begun. However, the possibilities were still very limited, even though it was done with computer and Dat tape recorder, which undoubtedly provided better quality. In 1996, Roland released their 8-track stand-alone hard drive recorder vs 880, which was a bit of a breakthrough for upcoming producers, it could record 4 tracks at a time and store 64 virtual tracks, which you could then copy and paste wherever you wanted. , it was largely to kickstart Suspect.

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