Stig Olin net worth $5 million

Stig Olin, né Högberg (11 September 1920 – 28 June 2008) was a Swedish actor, theatre director, songwriter and singer.[1] He was the father of actress Lena Olin and singer Mats Olin. He was married to film actresses Britta Holmberg and Helena Kallenbäck.

Olin had a successful acting career, appearing in lead roles in a number of early Ingmar Bergman films, including Torment/Frenzy (Swedish: Hets) (1944; Bergman’s script debut), Crisis (1946), Kvinna utan ansikte (Woman Without a Face) (1947; script by Bergman), Port of Call (1948), Eva (1948; script by Bergman), Prison (1949), To Joy (1950), Summer Interlude (1951) and Divorced (1951; script by Bergman).

Successful film roles also included a love struck student in the Sickan Carlsson film Klasskamrater (1952), Ernst in his own popular children’s film Rasmus, Pontus och Toker (1956) and the scrubby old Potato-Algot in Jim och piraterna Blom (1987), directed by Hans Alfredson (from Hasse & Tage).

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