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Tessa Net Worth

Tessa Net Worth

Tessa net worth: $0,3 million

Theresa Ann Fallesen, better known as Tessa, is a gold- and platinum-selling Danish rapper.

Tessa got her breakthrough through social media such as her Instagram profile where she shared photos and video of her Freestyle-Style which got over 100,000 views and was played in Pelles Panel on P3.  Today she has well over 130,000 followers. In June 2019, she released her debut single “Talking Too Much” where she soon after made her live debut in the opening party at the Countdown Stage at Roskilde Festival.

In September 2019, Tessa released her second single “Okay” along with her first music video. On September 15, Tessa was support for the American rapper Machine Gun Kelly at his concert in Vega in Copenhagen. In October 2019, Tessa released the single “Ben” which has been streamed over 9,000,000 times on Spotify (and therefore goes under “Platinum”) and which was named one of the “25 Danish Songs of the Year” by the music magazine Soundvenue.

Tessa received a gold record (January 20, 2020) for the single “Ben”, for more than 4,500,000 streams on Spotify. Tessa has released “Talking Too Much”, “Okay”, “Ben”, “Fuck Them Freestyle”, “Jackalina”, “Så’n der”, “Glo på mig”, “Bål”, “Ghetto Fabulous” and is also feature on “Til Banken” with Natasja Saad and Karen Mukupa, Suspekt single “Vil du med …” and on P3’s joint song “Tættere end vi tror”, which was produced during Corona / Covid-19 lockdown. It was during and partly after the lockdown that the songs “Så’n der”, “Glo på mig” and “Ghetto Fabulous” were released together with “Til banken”. Tessa has released music videos for the singles “Okay”, “Så’n der”, “Glo på mig” and “Ghetto Fabulous” as well as starring in the music video for “Tættere end vi tro”.

DR TV has followed Tessa in a documentary consisting of four episodes called ‘Tessa’s Revenge’. The first episode premiered on Sunday 17 May 2020. Here you follow Tessa from the very beginning, where you get around the start of her career and the growing work, but also her past where you get an in-depth insight into Tessa’s life, all while you are allowed to keep up with when she plays around the country. Tessa can also be seen in the last episode of Suspekt’s documentary series on TV2 PLAY.

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