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Andreas Bo Net Worth

Andreas Bo Net Worth

Andreas Bo Net Worth $7.9 Million

Andreas Bo Pedersen (born 25 February 1967 in Ringe) is a Danish actor, comedian and musician. Andreas Bo grew up in Nørre Lyndelse on Funen and in Haslev on South Zealand. In the late 1990s, he made Køgerevyen, with which he went bankrupt. He founded The Loyal Shakespeare Company in 1997. He has no acting education and in 2007 had a shop breakthrough in Cirkusrevyen with the number as Johannes Møllehave on a bike ride. He got a dog sitting popular breakthrough in the TV 2 success Live from Bremen with his parodies of famous Danes such as Kim Larsen, Ole Thestrup, Kurt Thyboe, Thomas Blachman and Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal.

Andreas Bo has been part of the Danish revue and theater scene since 2004, where he has performed in the store revue productions such as Cirkusrevyen and Pejserevyen. On the revue stage, he is i.a. known for his parodies of singer Rasmus Seebach and bladder ass Mads Christensen. In the fall of 2012, he was current with his first oneman show PLAGIAT.

At the Zulu Comedy Gala in 2011, he was honored as “TV Actor of the Year” and “Comedian of the Year”. He has been a co-founder of The Loyal Shakespeare Company and has been nominated for “Dirch of the Year” several times within the revue.

Andreas Bo was born in Nørre Lyndelse on Midtfyn as the son of librarian and nurse Inge Lise Pedersen and director of a rat control company Niels Arne Pedersen. When he was ten years old, the family moved to Haslev in South Zealand. After three and a half years in Flemming’s Men’s and Boys’ Clothing, he went to his uncle in Aarhus in 1986, where he wanted to be a rock musician. He got a job at a car warehouse and when the rock dream went in the sink, moved back to Zealand and got a job as a first man in a store in the Ballerup Center.

He then took an HF, began studying medicine and founded the theater The Loyal Shakespeare Company with a few friends, dropping out of medical school to devote himself to acting full time. For four years they traveled around the country with their sketch and satire show, until Andreas Bo in 2003 was “discovered” by the Kolding Revue.

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