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Kirsten Lehfeldt Net Worth

Kirsten Lehfeldt Net Worth

Kirsten Lehfeldt Net Worth $1.2 Million

Kirsten Eli Lehfeldt (born 19 December 1952 in Skanderborg) is a Danish actress, especially known for her many years of collaboration with Søs Egelind and her Robert-awarded leading role in the film Flambéed hearts.

Kirsten Lehfeldt was born in 1952 as the daughter of SSW’s Secretary of State Rolf Lehfeldt and Auditor General Inger Stiig Jensen.

Kirsten Lehfeldt graduated from Aarhus Cathedral School in 1973 and then started at the student school at Aarhus Theater, which she left in 1976.

Since 1975, she has been cohabiting with fellow actor Stig Hoffmeyer and is the mother of Mille Lehfeldt, who has also trained as an actress.

After her acting education, she performed at both Aalborg Theater and Nørrebro Theater, among others. in the role of Edith Piaf. She has also been associated with the Betty Nansen Theater, the Private Theater, the Hippodrome and the Bellevue Theater.

Both in the theater and on television, she is remembered for her collaboration with Søs Egelind, where they, among other things. has parodied a large number of male types. She has also, among other things. starred in the TV series The Village, Flemming and Berit, Gøngehøvdingen and Kaos i uppgang. You have also been able to see her in the TV Christmas calendars Nissebanden and Jul in the old treadmill.

The films about Shrek have brought the Lehfeldt-Hoffmeyer family together. In the films, Kirsten Lehfeldt has voiced Queen Lillian, who is married to King Harold, whose voice was voiced by Stig Hoffmeyer. Their daughter Princess Fiona has been voiced by Mille Lehfeldt.

Kirsten Lehfeldt has received several awards, including Tagea Brandt’s Travel Scholarship in 1987 and the Henkel Prize in 1988.

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