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Anthon Edwards Net Worth

Anthon Edwards Net Worth

Anthon Edwards net worth $275 thousand

Anthon Edwards Knudtzon (born January 29, 1999 in Gentofte) is a Danish musician who is a member of Citybois.

Anthon Edwards Knudtzon was born on January 29, 1999 in Gentofte north of Copenhagen. Anthon has three siblings; Asta, Alma, and Esmeralda. He became a student from Sankt Annæ Gymnasium in 2018.

Anthon started his career in 2012 when he starred in the DR Ultra series Pendlerkids, where he played Magnus. Since then, he has starred in two more seasons of Pendlerkids.

Knudtzon was with Thor Blanchez Farlov in the X Factor 2015, where they achieved a fourth place after being eliminated in the semifinals. Although Citybois advanced to the semifinals, they signed a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment a week later. They then released the first single “Things We Do”, which peaked at number five on the charts and sold gold, even before the end of the X Factor season.

He participated in the campaign Digital violations costs launched in February 2020 by Minister for Gender Equality Mogens Jensen, after being sentenced to 20 days probation for participation in the so-called Umbrella case.

In October 2020, Knudtzon announced that Citybois was taking a break after releasing his debut single “Holder os vågne” featuring Burhan G.

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