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Benny Jamz Net Worth

Benny Jamz Net Worth

Benny Jamz Net Worth $400 Thousand

Benjamin Jacob Small Heyn-Johnsen (born August 22, 1993), also known as Benny Jamz or Højer Øye, is a Danish rapper and producer. He has been in the rap groups B.O.C. and the Molotov Movement. His mother is from Jamaica, while his father is from Denmark.

In 2014, he released the album Burn System with tracks such as “Burn System feat. Gilli” and “Stupid”. Compared to his previous releases, that album was marked by politics and social criticism. He released the album under his second artist name, “Højer Øye”, which he uses when rapping in Danish.

Originally he rapped in English, but when he heard other Danish rappers such as. Gilli, Mellemfingamuzik and Kesi, he was inspired to use the Danish language to a greater extent.

In addition to rap, he has had a supporting role in the film Real Goods.

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