Mascha Vang net worth $1.35 million

Mascha Marianne Vang Christensen (born Marianne Vang Christensen, born 31 July 1979 in Byrsted) is a Danish blogger, TV personality, model and reality star. She was born and raised in Byrsted in Himmerland, 20 km south of Aalborg. Her father was a haulier and drove with fodder, and her mother was a homemaker. Her original name was Marianne, at her father’s request, while her mother preferred Mascha. She herself prefers Mascha and has used the name officially. She was trained as a cosmetologist in Aalborg, a makeup artist in Kolding, worked in a clothing store in Odense, was an apprentice at Bahne in Næstved and has been at a hairdressing school for six months.