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Nelk Net Worth

NELK net worth  $3.5 Million

Nelk officially consists of Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, Stephen Deleonardis, and Salim Sirur. “Cousin Jay”, Pat Sebastiani (Jesse’s father) and other members make appearances on NELK’s channel occasionally. Canadian filmmaker Austin Ermes is NELK’s Director of Content. The members of the group, along with some of their filmers and staff members, reside together in a house in Los Angeles and they refer to it as the “FULLSEND House”. Being on-site allows them collaboratively work on content on an ad hoc basis, as opposed to meeting for specific filming times. The group originally resided in Ontario, Canada. Jesse Sebastiani, prior to joining NELK, was known for his self-published documentary, Saved by the Status, and his role in the MTV show Careless Teens, before he joined Nelk. Years after joining the group, he expressed his displeasure with his and the group’s lifestyle. In a tweet posted on January 29, 2020, he wrote, “I hate fame… I’ve lost almost everything I use to love about life”. He has not been as active in Nelk’s more recent videos, and he even tweeted on October 20, 2020, “I put friends, family and my mental health to the side to get to where I am. Time to pick up the pieces”. Former members of the group include Niko and Marko Martinovic, Lucas Gasparini, and Jason Pagaduan. Niko and Marko, who are twins, were members of Nelk in the early development, but left in 2015 to pursue YouTube independently. Gasparini left in 2017 citing concerns of his association with the channel’s content, which consisted of public misconduct which would affect his career outlook, as well as the pursuit of educational studies as a plumber. Pagaduan, who was known by his Instagram handle “905shooter” or simply “9-0,” was withdrawn from the group in October 2019 for behavioral misconduct from sexual harassment allegations stemming from Pagaduan sending direct messages of a graphic and sexual nature to fans, and for allegedly slacking off on work assigned to him by Forgeard.

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