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Rasmus Seebach – Net Worth

Net worth $5 million

Rasmus Christian Seebach (born March 28, 1980 in Frederiksberg) is a Danish singer, songwriter and producer. He solo debut with the hit single “Angel” in April 2009, after serving as songwriter for other artists for more than ten years. In September followed his self-titled debut album, which became a huge success with over 240,000 copies sold, as well as the record for most weeks at the top of the album hit list. With the release of her second album, Mer ‘Than Love in October 2011, Rasmus Seebach became the fastest selling artist in Denmark ever, as the album sold over 42,000 copies in one week. In total, Rasmus Seebach has sold over 600,000 copies of its first two albums, along with the live album Rasmus Seebach Live (2012).

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